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Handmade Earrings by Katya Juliet

I completely love and get lost in making earrings. Beginning as simply a hobby and a way to send lovely gifts to my mom and sisters while at home with a new baby, making earrings has now become a passion and craft I can't quit!


I created this store to share my Grounded and Glam Earring Collection of fashionable earrings and hope to spread some extra love and sparkling joy with every pair worn. I am also a proud partner of One Tree Planted, planting one tree in your state or region of the world for every pair of earrings sold! <learn more>

I live in California with my family but am originally from Eugene, Oregon. In addition to gemstones and earrings, we are building a music mobile app, Coding and design are my work and earrings are my passion! I look forward to sharing jewels with you and hope to connect soon! You can visit my portfolio and resume here.

Thank you for visiting my shop and for sharing it with others in your life who may also love a new pair from my Grounded and Glam Earring Collection!



Katya Juliet Lerner
Katya Juliet's Handmade Earrings
The most important treasures in this world are family and friends.
But a new pair of earrings can help us sparkle & shine, and plant a tree too!
Care In
Handmade Earrings by Katya Juliet
Katya Juliet's Jewel Box Care Instructions
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