Listing is for one beautiful Yellow Chalcedony tower, each approx 4inches tall.

C is slightly discounted to $20 as the tip of the tip was missing upon arrival.

Yellow Chalcedony

Keywords: Mental Clarity, Communication, Joy, Happiness, Optimism, Harmony.

Yellow Chalcedony promotes the ability to implement positive changes. It enhances harmony, positivity, joy, and peace. This refreshing gemstone encourages you to appreciate the life you have and to live in the present moment. Yellow Chalcedony is a "Stone of Optimism."

Chalcedony protects against negative influences, increases energy and promotes emotional balance. It absorbs negativity and dissipates it, allowing you to feel the warmth of inner-stability and self-assurance. It wards off feelings of hostility and sadness, boosting confidence and enthusiasm. Chalcedony brings balance to your mind, body, and emotions. This powerful healer assists those who lack maternal instincts, and lessens the effects of dementia and senility.

Yellow Chalcedony Emotional Healing (Keywords)

Confidence, Joy, Acceptance, Love, Generosity, Unity, Inner-Stability, Balance.

Yellow Chalcedony Mental Healing (Keywords)

Self-Esteem, Self-Reliance, Optimism, Optimistic, Fluency, Acceptance

Yellow Chalcedony Physical Healing (Keywords)

Eyes, Gallbladder, Bones, Spleen, Bronchitis, Lungs, Circulation, Asthma, Inflammation, Glaucoma, and Immune System.

Small Yellow Chalcedony Tower