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The Power of Crystals

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The thought of crystals always brings a smile to my face. There is something so special about stones and gems, especially when they are in crystal form. The picture below shows some of the crystals I have or have had in my home. Also, many crystals are now available in my online gift shop.

What comes to mind when you think about crystals?

Not only do I love them because they are beautiful, but also because they have so many metaphysical properties. They are beneficial to us in so many ways - spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Crystals will not replace medical treatment if you are physically sick, but I have found they can be a wonderful addition to help heal on all levels.

So what exactly is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is the use of special stones and gems in crystal form to create positive energy flow in your body. Just like any other type of treatment, crystal therapy works best when the subconscious mind accepts it.

I have found crystal therapy to be very effective in healing emotional traumas. The crystal therapist will place one or more special crystals on or near the chakras (energy centers) that are related to the area of the body being worked on.

The crystal therapist may place the crystal in one of three positions.

1. The crystal can be placed directly on the chakra area or over the clothing, over the area where there is pain.

2. The crystal can be placed in a jewelry item such as a ring, pendant, bracelet, anklet, necklace and so forth. When a crystal is placed on top of a jewelry item, the crystal's energy will be absorbed by the crystal and passed on to you.

3. The crystal can be held in one hand and passed over an area such as your stomach or back.

Some people believe that placing crystals directly on the chakras helps with self-healing. I don't believe it is necessary to place the crystal directly on the chakra. The crystal will work just as well when placed over clothing or in jewelry.

How does crystal healing work?

Some people believe that crystal healing works through a form of quantum mechanics and that crystals contain information, thus creating a blueprint for what they are to do.

Many crystal therapists also believe that crystals hold an energy pattern or vibration of light, color, sound and even thought forms.

Therefore, crystal therapy helps people by clearing out the "clutter" in the body (emotional baggage). There is no right way to use crystal healing; it works for everyone differently - it is more of an art than science.

When crystal therapy is combined with counseling, the results are even greater. If you need help, whether it be physical or emotional (or both), crystal healing can benefit anyone.

Crystals contain different types of spiritual energy that directly affect our mind, body and spirit in positive ways when used properly.

If crystal healing is done correctly, a crystal can produce a positive change in your mental and spiritual well being.

Spiritually speaking, crystal therapy helps your spiritual self by giving you a boost of energy when needed. A crystal will help you become more centered and focused, which in turn helps with the flow of energy throughout the body. Just like meditation, crystal healing helps remove negative thoughts from your mind that no longer serve you - this makes room for encouraging messages to be received from the subconscious mind.

I have been meditating on a regular basis for nearly twenty-five years now so I already have good communication within my subconscious mind. People who are beginning to meditate or want crystal therapy should first develop their own internal guidance system before crystal therapy.

I have found that crystal healing has a very calming effect, in fact crystal therapy is sometimes referred to as "spiritual aromatherapy." The crystal's vibration can actually help you tap into your own spiritual center and when used together with meditation, these two methods work synergistically to create a powerful force for physical and emotional well being. Many crystal therapists believe that crystal healing benefits everyone regardless of the individual's spiritual beliefs or level of consciousness. I tend to agree.

Crystal Therapy - Physical Healing

Crystal therapy can also work on a physical level by helping heal injuries and illnesses both acute and chronic .

When crystal energy is directed toward an injury or illness, it helps stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself , which is why crystal therapy can be beneficial for both acute and chronic injuries.

For example, crystal energy will help stimulate an injured or wounded area of the body to prevent further damage such as bleeding and swelling by increasing blood flow and revitalizing damaged cells. A crystal therapist may direct crystal energy toward certain areas of the body that need to heal faster than others such as injuries, cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters and so forth.

Crystal Therapy - Emotional Healing

I believe crystal healing can benefit the following types of emotional issues: depression, anxiety , stress , anger , panic attacks, phobias and PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder ) among others.

A individual, or crystal healer, uses crystal energy to balance these emotions by directing crystal energy through meditation with the idea that crystal energy will automatically clear the mind and body of any undesired effects from negative emotions.

There are many different crystal therapies including laying on of stones, crystal grids, crystal bowl gongs, sound therapy using quartz crystal singing bowls or tuning forks as well as meditating on crystals all of which can help remove "negative" thoughts and emotions from your mind.

Crystal Therapy - Your Home and Office

There are some crystal therapists who believe crystal energy should be in everyone's home and office . The purpose of this is to create a life enhancing atmosphere, which will benefit the people living or working within that space. A crystal therapist may recommend keeping crystals throughout your home or office for specific purposes including crystal grids, crystal pyramids , crystal gongs, quartz crystal singing bowls among many others.

More often than not crystal therapists will recommend including crystal grids in your home or office. Crystal grids are used to help create a crystal energy field with the idea that crystal energy has an optimistic effect upon people living within this space.

I would say the best crystals to use for crystal therapy are soft crystals such as quartz, amethyst , rose quartz and smoky quartz. Lemurian seed crystals , selenite wands, angelite , howlite, blue lace agate and jade among others may be used as well.

You can purchase a crystal grid online or from your local metaphysical store or you can make your own grid using clear quartz crystal points. A crystal grid is made up of crystal points connected to each other with crystal energy wire. The crystal points can be either free standing or you can secure them together using crystal energy wire, string or yarn securing the crystal points to each other and/or whatever surface they're adhered to.

Crystal therapy and crystal healing should not replace medical treatment if you are ill or injured. Please consult your physician before changing any medications or treatment plans that have been prescribed for acute or chronic illnesses , injuries, etc.

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