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How to make a Crystal Grid

Intentions are formed into crystal grids to amplify, direct and project their energies. Crystal grids are powerful tools that can be used for many purposes including healing, manifesting goals, attracting abundance or developing psychic abilities.

Here are some basic guidelines on how crystal grids work , followed by instructions on how crystal grids are created.

How Do Crystal Grids Work?

Crystal grid work often involves constructing crystal patterns around a subject who is requesting assistance for an issue they wish to resolve. The construction of the crystal pattern allows the energy contained within the crystals to become amplified which in turn keeps projecting out until it reaches its target destination.

For example if you were doing crystal grid work to assist with overcoming an addiction then you might construct a crystal grid around your subject that included crystal points around their arms, legs and torso which would be programmed to project the crystal energy towards the heart. The crystal grids are then left in place until they naturally dissipate or their purpose is achieved.

The same principles apply when making crystal grids for healing purposes, to manifest material objects or to develop psychic abilities.

How To Create A Crystal Grid

There are different ways of creating crystal grids but it really is personal preference as long as you understand how crystal grids work , what intention you wish them to carry and why .

STEP 1: Decide on the intention of your crystal grid creation; this will determine the crystals that must be used and where they need to be placed. You can make crystal grids for any intention however they often fall under the following categories:

  • Health & Healing - to assist with general health, healing from an illness, injury or trauma

  • Spiritual Development - crystal grid work for developing psychic abilities, astral travel and meditation

  • Prosperity & Abundance - crystal grids for manifesting a new home, car, business etc.

STEP 2: Select the crystals you will need that represent your subject's intent; here are suggested crystals by intention : Health & Healing - rose quartz, tourmaline, amethyst, fluorite, celestite. Spiritual Development - clear quartz crystal, hematite, topaz. Prosperity & Abundance - citrine crystal, aventurine crystal, smoky quartz , jade crystal.

STEP 3: Create your crystal grid layout in the shape of an appropriate sacred geometry (see below for examples). You can use physical crystals or visualize them within your crystal grid design. It is not necessary to have every crystal being used physically laid out on the floor, you could instead choose to lay out just a few and program them with the intention.

STEP 4: Once you have decided on how you would like to create your crystal grid then either hold each crystal one by one as you are laying them into place or simply imagine that they are being placed there energetically.

The Best Crystal Grid Shapes For Your Intention

There are many crystal grid layouts that can be used to create crystal grids for different purposes and intentions.

The crystal grid shape should always represent the intention and crystal points should surround your subject's body parts, chakras or energy meridians.

Here are some of the best crystal grid shapes to use:

Health & Healing - 5 Point Star or Pentagram

5 Point Star/Pentagram is one of the most popular crystal grid shapes for health and healing because it includes all seven major chakra points. The circle in this shape represents unity and infinity while each point symbolizes spirit , fire, water, earth, air and ether . You can add crystals at each point or just lay them around your subject's body parts (eg. around the arms, legs and torso for crystal grid work for overcoming an addiction).

Spiritual Development - 3 Point Triangle or Hexagram

3 Point Triangle or Hexagram is a crystal grid shape that represents human energies. It also happens to be an excellent crystal grid layout for developing psychic abilities , astral travel or meditation . The three points in this crystal grid stand for body , mind and spirit; while the circle which encapsulates them represents oneness and infinity . Spiritual development crystal grids may include some of the following crystals : clear quartz crystal, hematite, topaz, amethyst crystal, celestite (healing stone) etc.

Prosperity & Abundance - 7 Point Star or Heptagram

7 Point Star or Heptagram crystal grid work represents wealth and abundance. These crystal grids are good for manifesting a new home, car, business etc. The seven crystal points stand for the seven chakra points along with being associated with the 7 visible planets of astrology . Laying crystals in this crystal grid shape around someone's body parts can help to bring them financial success, especially if they have a clear mind-body connection . You may use any crystal that is related to your intention eg. citrine crystal (money stone), aventurine crystal (abundance stone), smoky quartz/ black tourmaline crystal (blocks negative energy) etc.

Other Crystal Grid Shapes To Use

The above mentioned crystal grid layouts are some of the most popular crystal grid shapes used. There are other crystal grids to use too, for example star burst grids , infinity crystal grids , sacred geometry crystal grids etc.

The great thing about crystal work is that you can get creative with your crystal grid designs; it's all up to you - no rules! You can make up your own crystal layouts or take inspiration from what you read in this article.

Manifesting Crystal Grid Example 1

Manifesting a new home 1st Shape = Circle 2nd Shape = 7 Point Star (Method: visualize as many as possible as you place each crystal) 3rd Shape = Circle

- pink rose quartz (manifestation stone)

- crystal quartz (shifts energy into the desired spectrum)

Manifesting a new home crystal grid:

1. Place crystal 1 in the center of your crystal grid and visualize this space as being your dream home with all its perfect features and characteristics . Imagine what you could do here, how it would make you feel etc. 2. Now place crystal 2 in each point position around crystal 1 . This represents the manifestation of your dream house in every possible way - from the foundations up to its roof 3. Finally add in any other crystals that suit your intention or that you wish to use in this crystal grid work (eg. smoky quartz/ black tourmaline for protection).

Example 2 - Releasing anger & negative energy

Releasing anger crystal grid shape (Method visualize as many as possible as you place each crystal)

1st Shape = Circle 2nd Shape = Triangle 3rd Shape = Circle

- amethyst crystal (blocks negative vibrations)

- black tourmaline crystal (protecting crystal, blocks negative energy)

How to make a crystal grid for releasing anger & emotional baggage: 1. Start with your circle in the center of your crystal grid layout . Visualize all that you are holding onto emotionally being absorbed into the crystal and disappearing into space . 2. Next create a triangle around this circle with your crystal points facing outwards (this represents protection). Then imagine all the negative emotions and thoughts you wish to release being absorbed into the crystal and disappearing into space. 3. Finally add in any other crystals that you feel may be useful for your crystal grid work (eg. rose quartz crystal for love, joy & forgiveness; amethyst cluster crystal for releasing negative energy).

The above mentioned crystal grid layouts and crystal grid shapes are some of the more popular crystal grids used today - however there are many crystal grids to use so don't be afraid to get creative! The best thing about crystal grid work is its simplicity; it doesn't matter what shape or type of crystal layout you choose it still will have the same healing effect on both yourself and others. To get more ideas for how to make a crystal grid, crystal grid layouts and crystal grids shapes look at the crystal grids section on Pinterest.

Remember that crystal work is all about you so get creative with your crystal grid designs; it's just a matter of following what feels right for you.

Please avoid using crystal grids if you are pregnant or have epilepsy/ seizures, unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

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